Kick-off Conference and Steering Committee Meeting in Xanthi

Kick off Meeting, Xanthi
The chamber of Xanthi, during the implementation of the project “TEAWAY -Promoting tea as the engine of growth for the Black Sea Area”, which is part of the programme “Black Sea Basin Programme 2014-2020”, entertained, as a leading partner, the opening meeting of project work at 15 and 16 of October 2016 in Xanthi.
The partners of the chamber of Xanthi from Greece (Drama), Turkey (Trebizond), Bulgaria (Varna), Georgia (Tbilisi) and Armenia (Yerevan) discussed issues related to the aims and actions of this project and other technical issues related to its implementation.
The project focuses on the agricultural sector of the Black Sea Region, in particular the production and promotion of tea. The main goal of the project is to build up a strong brandname that will link the Black Sea region to the tea produced there. Therefore, it aims to showcase tea cultivation as a potential productive sector for the Black Sea region.
On Monday, October 15, 2018 an event-discussion was held on the following topics:
• The agronomist of TUVUNU SA Mr. Christos Kavounis presented the company and its products as an example of good application and exploitation of siderite, commonly known as “mountain tea”.
• The biologist of Phytoplasis, Mrs. Stella Zaikou spoke on “Aromatic and medicinal plants in the cosmetics industry – The market situation”.
• The geotechnologist of Phytoplasis, Mr. Nerantzis Vangelis analyzed the topic: “The Cannabis Industry”
Each project partner presented the importance of tea in the daily lives of action area residents and discussed the potential exploitation / development of the role of tea in local economies through cross-border cooperation.
On October 16, 2019, during the 1st Steering Committee Meeting, the partners were able to get to know each other better, to express their expectations for the project and to structure a detailed plan of action for its implementation. Concerns were raised, common points of interest were articulated and immediate follow-up actions were planned.