Thistle Tea

Its botanical name is "Silybum marianum" and it is a herbaceous plant, from the asteroid family.
It thrives mainly in Mediterranean countries, but is now found all over the world. The flower of the plant is a red-purple thorny flower and contains black seeds.
Its reference begins, already, from the 4th century BC. from Theophrastus, who calls it Pternix, and later Dioscorides considers it a wound healer.
When the plant grows and reaches almost two meters, then the top can be cut, dried in the shade and made into tea. The best harvest period is late May to around mid-June, when the flowers open and the seed can be pulled by hand. Due to its short harvest period, it is a difficult and expensive crop to maintain, thus limiting the possibilities for exports abroad.

Therapeutic properties and uses

Stimulation of renal cell regeneration
Contribution to the prevention of Alzheimer’s
Strengthening the immune system
Improving the symptoms of allergic asthma
Replenishment of dead cells and prevention of premature aging
Effective regulation of fat cells
Restriction on the spread of certain types of cancer