How to Serve Turkish Tea

Tea is an integral part of Turkish life style and culture. Tea is cheaper and easier to prepare than coffee, therefore it has become the public’s favourite beverage in a short time. Turkish tea is brewed with roasted black tea and it’s offered in little tulip-shaped glasses. The Turkish teapot comes in two pieces: the bottom metal pot for the water, and the smaller top for tea. Using good quality water is essential. It has to be soft, still, spring water. The water which is used in the tea, is not boiled too much, because the oxygen level of the water decreases and the dry tea in the top pot gets bitter. Water is boiled in the lower (larger) pot and the loose-leaf tea is steeped in the top (smaller) pot. This method allows each person to drink the tea as they desire: strong and steeped, or light with lots of water added.

Samovar, Teapot
A Samovar is used to brew tea in many countries. Although the teapot is used more often due to its practicality in Turkey, the samovar is produced especially in Erzurum, Van, Amasya, and Samsun Vezirköprü. A traditional samovar consist of a large metal container with a faucet near the bottom and a metal pipe running vertically through the middle. The piple is filled with solid fuel which is igneted to heat the water in the surrounding container and a teapot is placed on the top.

Teaspoon, Plate and Tea Strainer
The teaspoon is a small spoon suitable for stirring the tea. It is also used as a kitchen measure with a size of 1,75 cc.
The tea platter is an integral part of little tulip-shaped glass. The tea platter is prevented hand burns and created space for sugar.
When the tea is brewed in the pot, tea leaves remain in the water. Tea strainer is used to filter the tea leaves from the teapot.

Production of Little Tulip-Shaped Glasses
Glass cups, appeared in the 1850s in Europe. The first glass cups were produced large size. Making glass cups was costly and therefore a little tulip-shaped tea glasses were produced in a glass factory in the 1900s in Turkey. The design is completely scientific. Holding by the rim, saves fingertips from burning and the special shape of tulip-shaped tea glass keeps the tea warm and show the color of the tea.